Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Drill

Objective: The student will increase their self-confidence while using and wearing a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Instructions: Student will systematically don an SCBA while increasing their level of PPE to gain accuracy, confidence and speed. Students will work in pairs to ensure key points are completed and for safe work practices.

scba training

Equipment needed: Each student will have full structural PPE including SCBA Face piece and one SCBA cylinder. The pair of students shall share one SCBA harness and regulator. (Students should use the SCBA that they are expected to use in the field. PASS Alarms and other equipment per department SOP/SOG will
be used.)

Execution: Student 1 will arrange the SCBA on the floor in front of them with the
cylinder disconnected and set next to the backpack. Student 2 will standby with a
stopwatch. When the clock starts the student will start to assemble the SCBA, then proceed to meet the critical points that should be met every evolution. These critical points are:
 Calling out cylinder pressure, “4400psi!”
 Stating the “PASS Alarm activates/turns on.”
 Stating the “low pressure alarm sounds.”
 Dons the SCBA and adjust all straps to fit.
 Dons SCBA Face piece and checks for proper seal/fit.
 Dons hood.
 Dons helmet.
 Connects regulator to face piece.
 Ensures HUD is active, if applicable.
 Checks remote gauge to ensure within manufacturers limits (120psi 2216/225psi 4500) Checks emergency by-pass valve for proper operation.

air tank gauge

The clock will stop when critical points have been met and student places hands in air. Students should be encouraged that slow, steady and correct is better than fast, sloppy and incorrect. Student 2 will take over for Student 1 with their cylinder, mask and PPE. Student 2 will perform evolution in the  same manner.
SCBA/PPE 13-004

The next evolutions to be performed are the same as the first; however a level of PPE is added to each one. The evolution time line is as follows:
1. No jacket, no gloves
2. Add jacket, no glove
3. Jacket and gloves.
4. Low visibility, with lights off, smoke or use a blindfold. (Nomex hood turned around will allow for a face piece seal.)

As the student adds PPE, the difficulty should increase at the same time the student begins the muscle memory of following and completing the donning process.

After the student can complete the sequence with limited visibility, they can work on their speed.

The final evolution, which their bottle should be around low alarm activation pressure, the student with the help of a spotter, will breathe down their air. The student will lay on the floor in the same position as they would in a MAYDAY scenario.

They will slow their breathing down and place a hand on the PASS Alarm reset switch. The clock will start when the low pressure alarm stops. The student will then try to extend their bottle life and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Drill.

breathing technique