How to Become a Firefighter & Serve Your Community

How many of you haven’t dreamed of becoming firefighters when you were little? It seemed like such a heroic job: saving people in distress, experiencing adrenaline – saving the occasional kitten from a tree. It seemed like the best job.

And despite all the dangers involved with it, it actually is. Without firefighters, so many people would lose their life – which is why they are the true heroes.

Still, becoming a firefighter is not as easy as simply going to firefighter school.

Each educational system will vary depending on the land where you are training – but the most common path to this profession looks like this.

a burning house


No firefighter becomes one right off the bat, without any previous experience or contact with the department.

For this reason, each firefighter that you ask will probably tell you that they started by volunteering.

This will mostly involve a lot of scut work and community service around the station – but it will also show you the ropes and allow you to build connections. 

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Get Training

As a firefighter, don’t expect that you’ll be able to lazy around all day, and only get some action when a house burns down. You’ll have to work long hours, under conditions that are very stressful.

This is why you will have to be very fit so that you can get out safe from a burning house. For this reason, it is recommended to find a CPR training class, and during your free time, get fit at the gym.

If you can also take an EMT class while you are volunteering, that would be ideal. 

Get a Fire Science Degree

This profession may not be as simple as just getting a degree – but you’ll still have to get one. In this case, fire sciences might be more of your interest.

You’ll need to know how to suppress or extinguish fires with a hose, how to evacuate fire victims – and other fire-related skills. 

Take the Exam

When you are taking a firefighter exam, you are practically undergoing a hiring process.

This will involve a written exam, a background check, an oral interview, a physical exam – and many other things that you might expect from an exam like this.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to already see the requirements for the agency that you are applying for.

Get Better

You may know the stages of getting your fireman title – but you don’t become a fireman until you actually begin to save lives.

This is why, even after being accepted, you have to rigorously continue your training and not slack off.

This can boost your rank, your earnings – and also your responsibilities. Opportunities may also arise if you stick to your training. 

Becoming a firefighter involves a lot of commitment – and a fair amount of hard work.

However, if you did decide to take on this path, you have all of our respect. It is a job that will certainly bring you a great amount of satisfaction.

It will take a few years to be a great firefighter, but the hard work pays off!