How Much Do Firefighters Get Paid?

Being a firefighter can put you in a dangerous situation when you least expect it. Sometimes, in order to solve a fire case or a situation when someone’s life is at stake, you have to put your own life in danger.

Having said that, the profession is something worth admiring, considering the involvements. So, their salary must be enough and fair for a job with so many responsibilities and expectations. 

How much does a firefighter make, though? What is the average salary for such a high demanding job? Here’s what you need to know.

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Does Rank Influence the Average Salary?

Usually, firefighters come in a series of ranks, some bigger than others. For instance, some may be fire chiefs, whereas others probationary firefighters.

A normal firefighter will usually get somewhere in between $30,000 and $40,000, and a lieutenant will make around $55,000 each year. Furthermore, captains will get like $60,000, and fire chiefs around $70,000. 

Your rank as a firefighter may change if you take a certain test, and you have the chance to move up, and thus earn more cash.

How Much do Worldwide Firefighters Win?

It all depends on where the firefighter is from but, on average a firefighter makes about $47,000 annually. The lowest earners, at a percentage of 10%, made either around $22,000 or less annually.

Meanwhile, the ones who earned the most were receiving around $75,000 or more than that (it could reach $81,000 per year). 

However, in a developed country, the average salary would be around $45,000 annually. 

Salaries Depending on the State

Of course, each state has its own laws, so there isn’t a particular salary in all of the U.S. Texas, California, and many others pay firefighters differently.

Back in 2018, while Texas paid its firefighters around $51,000, California was paying them about $74,000 annually.

Washington was paying them around $75,200, while New Jersey was offering salaries of around $76,380.

So, as you can see, each state differs, which is why it’s important to consider where you live, as your income may be more or less than you think.

Do Firefighters Receive Bonuses?

Firefighters may also get more money apart from their salary. They may be paid for sick leave, vacation time and so on.

Not to mention that if they work overtime, this will be taken into consideration and they’ll receive compensation for that. 

After retirement, some firefighters may receive half of their former salary if they retire at least 20 years after offering their services.

This was available in Indiana, so other states may, once again, have different rules. 


On average, a firefighter may receive about $45,000 each year, but depending on several factors, the sum may be higher or lower.

If you or someone you know wants to get into this profession, it’s important to take a look at the average salaries in your country or state.

The laws could have a great impact on how much you’ll get, and the same can be said about your rank.