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The following is our approved list of courses. We HIGHLY recommend investing in yourself to attain the proper training and knowledge to become a great firefighter.

When studying to pass the test, the best thing to do is use a firefighter practice test or exam. A good study guide will help you to overcome the most difficult questions. The physical training will be up to you!

Pass Your Firefighter I, II And Hazmat Examinations

Succeed Using Our Online Firefighter Practice Tests and Firefighter Study Guide

Over 1600 fire fighting questions online with answers, rationale, instant grading and a detailed exam tracking system that lets you evaluate and review any exam at anytime!

This resource is top of the line.

Firefighter Code: Pass Your Firefighter Oral Board Interview

Firefighter Code: Pass Your Firefighter Oral Board Interview

Firefighter Code is host to more than 125 videos, the majority of which teach you exactly how to answer the most intimidating questions, along with those, nearly impossible questions to answer, the scenario questions.

This course is designed to remove the mystery from the Firefighter interview process and to allow you to prepare effectively and efficiently for the most important interview you’ll ever take. There’s no debating the fact that you have only one shot at it, you’ll either pass or fail.

fire chief rolfe

Hi, I’m Chief Jeff Rolfe. Over my 34 year career in this profession, I’ve worked as a line firefighter, lieutenant, captain, assistant chief, and, for 21 years, I’ve served as and retired as a fire chief in a  community in the Midwest.