Physical Requirements for Firefighters

Being a firefighter is a really difficult and dangerous profession, and because of that, not everyone is able to pursue it.

In fact, there are specific qualities a firefighter must possess prior to activating in this area. 

Since they’re responsible for stopping a fire and saving people who are affected by the casualty, they must be in proper physical condition.

After all, you never know in what situation you’ll be, since some fire incidents may be harsher compared to others.

If you were planning on becoming a firefighter, here are some physical requirements you must possess. 

harsh conditions in burning building
  • Strength

You will have some strength training to do, and you will be tested to see how much you’ll be able to endure a muscle test, be it short term or not.

As mentioned, your strength may be needed during emergencies so you must prove you have that skill.

Usually, before you take a test, you should focus on increasing your upper body lifts, back lifts, grip strength, and so on.

  • Carrying Equipment

Since a fire will require hoses in order to be stopped with water, you might be in the position when carrying one is crucial.

Therefore, you will be tested as part of the stamina and muscular strength test. You will have to pick up and carry hoses, a portable pump, and many others.

  • Climbing on the Ladder

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the ladder climbing. You have to figure out the right “leg lock” before you take the test.

Usually, there will be a harness included as part of the protective equipment.

You must learn how to properly clean the ladder for a specific time, in case you’ll need this during an emergency situation. 

  • Breaching and Pulling Down a Ceiling

You will have to learn how to preach and pull down a ceiling by using a mechanized device.

This is a part of your test for lower and upper body muscular strength, aerobic capacity, anaerobic endurance, as well as grip endurance and strength. 

It is not an easy test, as you will have to successfully remove a pike pole from a bracket. You will be asked to push up a hinged door three times with the pike pole, after which you will have to pull it down as well.

If you think that you’ll only have to do this once, think again – you will repeat the action several times, so your muscles must be ready. 

  • Rescuing Someone

To be able to rescue someone, you have to prove you’re capable of doing so by being tested with a mannequin.

Basically, a weighed mannequin will be equipped with shoulder handles and a harness, and you will have to carry it.

This training challenges your lower and upper body muscular strength, and your aerobic capacity as well.

Not to mention that your grip endurance and strength will also be tested. 

Being a firefighter is not a piece of cake, so if you want to become one, you must be physically trained for this.

Make sure to train hard before taking the test, since physical requirements have a say in whether you’ll succeed or not.