Member Down from Medical Problem (Heart Attack)

Background: A panicked radio report comes across the radio report a member of Engine 1 is suddenly unresponsive on the hose line on the 2nd floor of a single family dwelling.

The crew is still operating on air, and the fire is still not completely under control. Engine 1 is staffed by 2 members, the officer and the unresponsive firefighter. The crew is in a bedroom near a window that you have just laddered.

The stairs, hallway and interior are smoke filled but tenable for entry and operations. The truck has just opened the roof and visibility is improving but without the line directly on the fire, could deteriorate or increase in intensity. Develop a rescue plan for this situation as a RIT crew using the scenarios listed below.

firefighter heart attack chart

Develop Rescue Plan using your SOG’S

Goal: Quick Removal and Transfer to EMS