Scene Size and Up Evaluation

Scene size up and evaluation is a process that starts at the initial tones then continues until all units are back in quarters. The information gathering process even starts at the beginning of your day.

Collecting information such as weather, road conditions and special events will help on scene decision-making process. Gathering information is not just the Officer or Incident Commanders responsibility, all those operating on scene should report what they see and encounter, to the IC. Those working in the hazard area are the eyes and ears for Command.

Without this information getting back to the command post, those creating the Incident Action Plan may not get all the pieces to the incident puzzle. From when first arriving to clearing all units, the priorities remain the same, solving the problem, do not create any more issues and getting our people home in the same condition, they came in.


Life Safety

  • Public and our own.

Fire Condition

  • Fire location, size and involvement.
  • Been – At – Going or B.A.G.

Building Construction / Condition

  • Construction type and the phase or condition of structure, which includes vacant, abandoned, renovation, demolition.
  • Configuration – duplex, exposures both external and internal, floors, height and setback.

Constant Reevaluation

  • Flames, Heat, Smoke, Water and Fireground task all take their toll on the structure. Do not believe
    because the fire is out the scene is safe. Constantly reevaluate the operation. Exercise extreme caution
    if committing personnel to the interior when a defensive operation was conducted.