Compartment Drills

Knowing how to use tools and equipment is only second to knowing where each one is on your assigned rig. This drill should be performed every shift or once a week. Spending just 30 minutes on the tools and equipment in a single compartment could make the difference on your next operation. Allow all members to interject personal knowledge and past experience, but keep the tempo focused on learning.


1) Choose the compartment for the evolution.

2) Each member picks a tool, appliance, or piece of equipment.

3) Talk about the tool and its history.

4) What are department uses for the tool and the applicable SOG, if any?

5) Discuss why it is in this particular cabinet.

6) Demonstrate proper tool use and transportation.

7) For power equipment discuss fuels, maintenance and proper start up procedure.

8) Discuss any necessary PPE and safety precautions.

9) Each member should discuss a fire or other event they used the tool and anylearning experience.

Ensure the compartment is ready for your next run!