Fire Training Toolbox Submission Guidelines


The staff at Fire Training Toolbox take one thing as our credo; No one of us is as strong as all of us. And we all truly believe that. That is why we at FTT want to hear from you! The training information, tip or trick that you have to offer might just help someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. Or it might help the man or woman sitting right next to you. But first, you have to get that information out there. So weve put together this little guide to help you submit that information to us so that we can streamline the process of getting it onto the Facebook page, website or Twitter.


Who can submit?

Anyone! We dont care if you have a month on the job or thirty years experience, everyone has something to offer.


What can I submit?

Almost anything! A drill, a quick-read, a table-top or a full-blown article its up to you.


What cant I submit?

Someone elses work without their knowledge or permission. It happens more times than we would like to admit but people try to take credit for others work or ride coat-tails.


What forms of documents do you accept?

Just about anything. We have staff versed in both Office and Mac based media. That being said, Microsoft Word documents are the preferred form document. PDFs also are accepted with one suggestion. See below.


Ive decided to submit. Ive written something. Now what?

Its always a good idea to have someone else proof-read your piece. This is especially true if you are submitting PDFs. The staff at FTT have limited time to be able to edit every single submission we receive plus put together the website and Facebook page on an on-going basis. If you can cut down on some of the editing prior to us receiving the document it will be a great help and streamline the process. Any images, movies or other media used in your piece should be sent as attachments to the email and not included in the body of the piece. FTT uses set templates for different types of submissions and sometimes editing to fit space constraints is needed. It is easier for our staff to take the attachments and fit them into the piece after it is in the template than the other way around.


OK, its good to go. How do I get it to you?

Simple, email any submission ideas to


Its off. Now what?

Once we receive your piece one of our staff will review it. The biggest thing we will be looking for is accuracy of information. At FTT we strive to put out the best and most accurate training possible. If you are submitting a piece that is advocating a major break-through that suggests fighting fire with gasoline is more effective than water, its probably not going to make it through review. Staff members will also be looking at spelling and grammar as well as general flow of the piece. This is where your previous attention to detail and peer review can significantly cut down on time. Any suggestions that our staff has to you will then be handled via the email address you used to submit the piece, so be sure it is one you at least check once in a while. Once all editing is complete the FTT staff will decide when and where the piece will be used. It may be a Facebook posting, posted to the website, Twitter message or combination of all. We strive to inform you of how and when your submission will be used.


A word about editing.

The FTT staff does use pre-made templates for different types of submissions i.e. drills, articles, must-reads etc. Sometimes we must edit a submission to make the document fit the space allowed by the template or what we are looking to do with the piece. The FTT staff, as stated above, does also review for spelling and grammar in a submission. In the interest of time editing changes are not always run past the author before they are made. Simple spelling and/or grammatical changes are good examples. However, if major changes to the article are needed you will be notified and an FTT staff member will work with you to try to come to a resolution. Once in a while, an FTT staff member may change wording or structure of your article while attempting to keep the original intent and integrity of your piece. Most often this is seen with sentence structure. So if you see your piece posted but it is slightly different, this can explain why.


Fire Training Toolbox is a resource built to help firefighters help each other. The mission is to deliver high-quality information and training to those who need it most, those who will use it most; firefighters in the field. You can help fulfill that mission by submitting your knowledge and experience today.


No one of us is as strong as all of us.